Our Story

Sunnie Tucker

Kindergarten Teacher

Harold Tucker

Santa Monica Police Officer

1912 - 2004


Harold & Sunnie Tucker lived in sunny southern California where they raised their three children, Ronald, Steve, and Julie. Both Hal and Sunnie were gentle and kind hearted public servants and community volunteers. Their legacies continue beyond their passing. 

In honor of their commitment to public service, we have founded to continue to pay it forward to individuals, businesses, schools and other organizations that serve their communities . We have also established the Public Servant Support Fund in order to directly support people who serve children and youth.  During COVID-19 we will be donating masks to these inspiring public servants.

Highlighted Non-Profit Stores

Helping families navigate early-onset prostate cancer

Jason Tucker is one of Sunnie & Hal's six grandchildren, who started the Tuck PC Foundation with his wife Danielle. You can support their mission by purchasing masks on their site HERE.

Tuck Prostate Cancer Foundation

In Loving Memory of Jason Tucker

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