Work with a specialist to quickly launch a store with custom gear and equipment.


We will work with you to promote your store and get the word out. 


We will collect payments, organize production, and ship to your customers.


Each store is open for a limited time so make sure your members know!


Once the store is closed we will complete production on all pending orders a ship to customers.


Your store is finished! We will send you a check with all of your fundraising totals




Create an Account

Email us at to start the process. We'll send you a startup form to complete and get things rolling!

Sell Customized Gear

After finalizing designs with our graphic artists and opening your store, now is the time to Share, Bolster, and Promote your Fundraiser. See current fundraisers HERE

Store Closing Date

The Fundraiser will have a set closing date. Let all of your members know the limited time they have to order!

Production & Shipping

Once your store is closed, we will handle the production & distribution of the product direct to your members and customers

Funding Forward

We will send you a check of your fundraising totals, and proceeds from each sale go to Public Servant Support Fund, supporting those who serve youth in their communities.

Want to skip the team store and make a bulk order? Go to this page to learn more